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New Client Introductory Offer* - $14 for 14 days of group fitness classes.

Casual visit - $18. Purchase a casual visit and redeem it within the next 3 months. 

10 class pass - $155 (No expiry date)

20 class pass - $270 (No expiry date)

3 month pass* - $390 or three monthly payments of $130

1 month pass* - $145 (rollover)

1 month student pass* (18+ years) - $99 See guidelines for eligibility.

1 month teen pass* (15 -17 years) - $85

*Entitles you to unlimited group classes at all locations. To purchase a casual visit, class pass or membership please follow the below instructions.

1. Head to our 'book a class' page and click sign up in the top right hand corner (please use a desktop computer)

2. Answer the health questions and create a login

3. Download the free app 'PT Minder' on iPhone or iPad* and log in using the details you created. 

4. Purchase a pass or membership in the 'store' tab

5. Book into your first class via the dashboard.

*if you have an android phone, please use the 'book a class' page on our website to purchase this deal and book into your first class.

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