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Check out what Fit For Change has to offer by claiming 14 days of unlimited group fitness classes for only $14! 


With 14 classes a week to choose from including circuit, HIIT, yoga, running, core and circuit, we would like to offer you 14 consecutive days of group classes so you can see if Fit For Change suits your busy schedule before making a commitment. To purchase this special offer, please follow the below instructions.

1. Head to our 'book a class' page and click sign up in the top right hand corner

2. Answer the health questions and create a login

3. Download the free app 'PT Minder' on iPhone or iPad* and log in using the details you created. 

4. Purchase the Introductory Offer in the 'store' tab under 'memberships'

4. Book into your first class through the dashboard.

*if you have an android, please use the 'book a class' page on our website to purchase this deal and book into your first class.

*This offer is only valid for new clients and is for one time use only.

See timetable.

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