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Fit for Change Personal Training - Alyssa Yeo




Alyssa has always had an interest in living a healthy lifestyle and carved out her early career as a professional dancer.


After a stint working overseas, Alyssa moved back to Sydney in 2012 to pursue her goal of becoming a personal trainer. She landed a job with the YMCA and was given the opportunity to work with many diverse groups including new mums, older adults and children.


A move to the Illawarra in 2015 enabled Alyssa to open her own business in Russell Vale and follow her passion of helping busy parents find time to stay fit and healthy. In 2017, Alyssa took the opportunity to expand the business and Fit for Change now offers group fitness classes and personal training along the beautiful Thirroul Beach Reserve in Thirroul, NSW.

Alyssa's qualifications include - Certificate III, IV and Diploma in Fitness, Boxing Level 1 and 2, Older Adults Trainer Qualified, Child Trainer Qualified, Strength and Conditioning Level 1, Advanced Kettlebells Level 1 and 2, Pelvic Floor Level 1 & 2. 

Alyssa runs the following classes each week:

Circuit 9.20am on Fridays and 6pm Mondays  

Get Strong 6pm Wednesdays and 9.20am Tuesdays 

Running 6am Wednesdays 

Glutes and Core 9.20am Wednesdays 

HIIT45 9.20am Thursdays

20:20:20 6am Tuesdays and 7am Saturdays

Boxfit 6am Thursdays




Josh has worked in the fitness industry for over 12 years in many different roles and he has a strong passion for whole body health and performance.

Josh has always been a skilled athlete; accomplishing high level competition for soccer, body building and Crossfit throughout the last 15 years.

Several turning points in Josh's life have been the greatest contribution to his success and determination as a coach including overcoming a back injury, failing at high level competition in CrossFit and most recently, fathering a new baby.


Josh is passionate to serve those in the community who want to build their confidence, change their body composition and overcome doubt and negativity. He believes by making positive change to our mental health and self belief, we can alter our long term health to become the best version of ourselves possible. 

Josh's qualifications include - Bachelor of Science & Master of Science PHD, Cert 3&4 in fitness, Level 1 CrossFit Qualification

Josh runs the following classes each week:

Get Strong 6am Mondays,

20:20:20 9.20am Mondays. 

HIIT45 6am Fridays

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