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Hey there!

If you're here because you're struggling with getting fit and healthy and staying that way then I know exactly how you feel.


For a long time I had a love-hate relationship with exercise and healthy eating and it was always all or nothing for me.


I felt crap about myself when I'd fall off the "fitness bandwagon" and exercise was all about losing weight even though I didn't feel happy.

But that all changed.

After years of binge eating and inconsistent exercise, I realised that it doesn't have to be that way.


In fact, exercise and healthy eating can be simple and even enjoyable and I'm going to show you how!

Alyssa x

You deserve to feel amazing

All the obstacles that have stood in your way so far are a thing of the past because if it's not working then it's time to make a change. A healthy lifestyle should make you feel happy and confident because everyone deserves to feel that way, even you!

I'm so glad you found me

I've been a personal trainer for six years and my favourite part of this journey has been helping hundreds of busy mums and dads learn how to be fit and healthy while still living a 'normal' lifestyle.

To make a change, you have to be ready to shift your mindset and realise that healthy isn't short term. Healthy is a way of life that is sustainable and I'm going to show you how to achieve that in a very simple and manageable way.

so why listen to me?

IMG_9554 (2).JPG

Prior to being a personal trainer, I was a professional dancer so I've had my fair share of mental challenges around body image and the idea of what "healthy" means.

Throughout my dancing career and when I started out as a personal trainer, I had a very skewed perception of healthy eating and exercise and it felt like a constant battle. I was obsessed with the scales and spent many years dieting and fixating on what I saw in the mirror.

As the years went by, my mindset shifted.


I decided to stop caring so much by focusing on exercising regularly and eating mostly healthy foods without calorie counting and guess what happened? I lost 5 kilos! I wasn't looking to lose weight by that point but this moment made me realise that obsessing was the worst thing I could do for my body! Restricting my food intake would lead to binge eating and forcing myself to exercise every day would cause me to burn out and take weeks off at a time.

A manageable and consistent exercise and eating plan is the key to overall wellbeing and it took me a long time to realise that.

Throughout the last three years I have grown my own Personal Training and Group Fitness business called Fit For Change just north of Wollongong in NSW where I've helped hundreds of mums and dads learn what took me so many years to figure out. 

I want people to realise that the scales aren't important and what is important is keeping our bodies healthy, energised and strong for overall wellbeing and quality of life. 

picture this

Feeling fit and strong without having to work out for hours each day or pay for expensive gym memberships

Enjoying healthy foods that actually taste good, are simple to make, and affordable

Building lean muscle mass without starving yourself or cutting out food groups 

Having a manageable exercise and eating plan that you can maintain, long term

if that sounds up your alley then you're in the right place

I've spent the last twelve months creating the most time efficient, cost effective online work out plan that can be done by any person, at any fitness level to help anyone reach their goals! 

My "Embody by Alyssa" eight week exercise program includes all the tools you need to get fit, strong and healthy for good.

your tools for success



 The "Embody by Alyssa" eight week exercise plan includes three HIIT workouts a week which are designed to be done at home in 30 minutes or less. The workouts are simple, time efficient and easily fit around your busy lifestyle. Included in this package is four weeks of pre-training workouts to prep your mind and body if you're new to exercise or haven't exercised in a while. We also include an exercise glossary and videos to make sure you are working correctly as well as modified and advanced exercises to suit any fitness level.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 1.46.53 pm.png


As part of the Embody program you will be given some nutrition guidelines however I strongly recommend purchasing the 'Creating Healthy Habits' ebook designed by our preferred nutritionist and dietician. We have teamed up with Candice from Nutritionally Ahead to create the perfect eating plan to give you oodles of energy and help you achieve the best possible results from the next 8 weeks. This eating plan has all the information you need to get your nutrition on track as well as tons of simple, delicious and family friendly recipes.

What they've said about embody 




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