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Are your excuses holding you back?

Excuses. We all have them, we all use them and they are totally valid a lot of the time. You're busy, you're tired. money is tight, kids sport is wearing you down; these are all legitimate obstacles for a lot of women and men that I work with.


How long should you allow these speed humps to get in the way of your health?

The reality is that once your excuses become more important than your health, that's the way it will stay until you choose to make a change.

I'm not saying it's easy to stay fit and healthy while dealing with these challenges but I am saying it's not impossible. Keep in mind that your version of fit and healthy will change 1000 times over the course of your lifetime and right now it might mean doing 20 minute workouts at home when the kids are napping or making meals in bulk on a Sunday to have ready for each day.

Everyone is different but it doesn't have to be all or nothing for it to make a difference.

Certain times of your life will allow more time for looking after yourself and certain times of your life will make it more challenging. Kids, work and other commitments means free time becomes more of an asset and I'm sure for some of you, finding just 30 minutes in the day to yourself might be a stretch.

But (yes I said it again)

Exercise and a healthy diet will, without a doubt give you energy and clarity to conquer a busy day. FACT! I'm not talking about smashing out a crossfit workout or doing 100 burpees, I'm talking about getting your heart rate up, your blood flowing and your muscles pumping; whether that be a 20 minute circuit of push ups, squats and sit ups at home or a jog around the block. Do whatever works for you at this time in your life because exercise can be done anywhere, in any amount of time (even three 15 minute chunks throughout the day)! Don't get me wrong, there may be a week or even a month when you could be sick or have sick kids and I totally get that your fitness routine will fall into the background during these times. That's okay! There are times in life when you need to rest and take it easy but It's when that month turns into six months that it can become a bad habit. I hear a lot or excuses (perks of the job 😉 ) but it's amazing when clients decide to make a change and "do it anyway," the results are almost instant. I'm not talking about weight loss, I'm talking mental clarity, energy and sense of pride in taking charge of their own health and wellness again. There's no feeling quite like it!

So, what's your excuse at the moment and be honest with yourself? It's time to make a choice to do something for your body even if it's once a week to start. Nothing will change unless you decide you want it to so go on and do it, I dare you 😉

Here's to a happy, healthy and excuse-free you,

Alyssa x

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