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The 10 best 'fit-mas' gift ideas for 2018 (and where to buy them)

If you have a friend or family member who is a little gym-crazy then a sporty gift can be the perfect pressie or stocking filler for Christmas. Before you default to the classic gift voucher option, find out if something suits your budget on my list of the 10 best 'fit-mas' gift ideas for 2018...

1. A Foam Roller. From the $15 Kmart version to the $70 trigger point version at Rebel Sport, a foam roller is a great gift for anyone that exercises regularly. It's like giving someone a massage voucher but a little more painful and a lot less relaxing 😝

2. A Gym Bag. I use my gym bag for work and for training and I LOVE IT! Mine is a brand called Chuckha and it's waterproof with sneaky pockets to put my phone and wallet in but if you want something a little less pricey, try Sportsgirl or Cotton on Body for a nice duffle bag.

3. A Water bottle. It may seem boring but you can get some super cool drink bottles these days including ones that keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. My fave is the Swell Bottle because I love the designs but I've heard the Aldi double walled bottle is just as awesome! You could also go the super large option if you know someone who is guilty of not drinking enough water. The Eco Tanka is a good option because it's Aussie made and stainless steel so it's good quality and will last the distance.

4. Weightlifting gloves. If your friend does any kind of weight training in the gym, a pair of weightlifting gloves can be super handy. A good and reasonably priced brand is Harbinger who have men's and women's styles but if your friend is more into crossfit style training, Roo grips are great for pull ups and other gymnastic exercises.

5. A Yoga mat. A yoga mat is a great gift for anyone even if they don't do yoga because it can be used for stretching or home workouts. If you're willing to spend a few bucks, Lululemon has some beautiful non-slip designs but something more affordable for a person just starting out would be the Gaiam mat which you can pick up at Rebel for around $30 bucks. Bargain!

6. A Gym towel. If your friend trains in a gym, a towel is often mandatory so pick one that has a little pocket for their keys and gym entry card. You can pick these up from Kmart or Rebel Sport have one for just $10! If your friend is more into outdoor training, a larger towel is a better option because it can double as a yoga mat when doing exercises on the ground (especially when the ground is wet) Check out Dock & Bay who have some cute designs in microfibre which means they are quick-dry too. 7. Blister-prevention socks. I know that socks are generally considered boring snoring as a gift (sorry dad) but blisters are a common problem for people that exercise a lot or run long distances so it can be a very practical present. The number one sock for this year was the Balega Blister Resistant Sock. You're looking to pay around $30 a pair so they're not cheap but good quality socks are worth it (there's nothing worse than your socks being eaten by your shoes when you're training!)

8. Sweat proof headphones. There are some epic headphones available now including completely wireless ones. If you have the bucks to spend, something like the Jay Bird wireless headphones which are sweat and waterproof are an amazing gift but if you're looking for a something under $100 try out the Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones.

9. Media Arm Pocket. Whether you run or not, it's handy to have somewhere to store your phone when you're exercising so you can listen to your tunes easily. Arm pockets are a cheap stocking filler and are something people don't usually think to buy for themselves. Check out this adidas version for only $30!

10. Self care tools. A massage voucher is always a great option but if your friend is a bit time poor, grab something they can use at home. The Body Back Buddy is something a bit different but you could also try a mobility ball or a wooden foot massager. Choose something they can whip out quickly at home without too much fuss or time needed to set anything up.

New gym gear can be great motivation for people to exercise especially around Christmas time so if you've got a friend who is new to exercise, a sporty gift can be a great way to support their fitness journey.

If you're looking for something to throw on your own Chrissy list then these could be a great option for you too, especially if your partner is like mine and needs specific gift buying instructions (and sometimes the link for where to buy it😂) Here's to a happy and healthy you this Christmas,

Alyssa x

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