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New year, wiser you.

So here we go again; a new year and a fresh set of goals to ensure the next twelve months is lined up to be better than the last.

I look back on 2018 and it wasn't the greatest year of my life but I'm okay with that because I learnt a LOT. It's often the hardest years that propel us towards a better future as they give us the perspective to step up and change what is no longer making us happy. You don't have to be a whole 'new you' just because January has rolled around but you can be a wiser version of you instead. Change is scary but without it we can't grow and better ourselves. Whether it's breaking a daily habit or finding a new career path, we need to be brave in our decision to make change because life is fleeting and there's no guarantee we will live to see tomorrow. On the other side of that, forever is a long time and another 20 years of working a job that makes you want to eat the spiky end of a pineapple is not ideal either!

You don't have to jump off the edge but I challenge you to take a baby step towards a better future for yourself in 2019. Apply for that course you've been dying to do, start a savings account for the holiday you keep saying you need, book the yoga class even though you think you're not flexible enough. Just do something and stop thinking about it! It's about being okay with feeling uncomfortable in the short term to achieve long term happiness. A new year doesn't mean changing who you are but life is a series of learning curves to help us make each year better than the last. Mistakes are the universe telling us how to get it right next time but we need to make sure we're listening. Here's to a happy, healthy and wiser you in 2019,

Alyssa x x

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