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5 ways to keep your body moving this Easter (that don't include burpees!)

Just like we can accidentally eat too many easter eggs, we can also accidentally burn extra calories. We are constantly on the move which means we are often exercising without even thinking about it! If you have a smart watch you may notice the step tally building throughout the day even if you haven't hit the gym and this wonderful thing is known as 'incidental exercise.'

I'm running a movement challenge with my clients at the moment and I'm lovvinnnnngggg the different types of movement people are posting in our group. Being active can mean so many things and it doesn't necessarily mean pumping iron in the gym. Increasing your daily activity at this time of year is a much better option than stressing about eating extra calories plus Easter falls during the school holidays so you can get the kids moving too!

If you aim to do something active for at least 20 minutes a day, you'll find that exercise will become an integral part of your daily routine as well as helping you to keep fit and healthy at a time of year when our nutrition can go a little wayward. I know you are busy working, chasing kids and trying to navigate your hectic schedule but by making a few small changes, these daily tasks can actually burn calories and here's how to make sure of that...

1. Walk wherever you can. It may mean parking a few blocks from work so you can sneak fifteen minutes of walking in each way but that makes a big difference to your daily step tally and even if you can't do this every day, two or three times a week will do! Walk to the shops or around the shops and when you've got the time, choose to walk or even ride your bike as many places as possible. Using a smart watch or pedometer to track your steps is a great way to stay on track plus you can get the kids involved and turn it into a friendly competition!

2. Walk and talk. I find that phone calls can eat into my day so I use them as an opportunity to get moving. I chuck on my headphones and batch my calls together so I can go for a walk while conducting business (and sometimes pleasure 😉 ) I know it can be harder with kids but get them out and about on their skateboards or bikes with you or take your dog for a walk instead. Now that's multitasking at it's finest 😀 3. Get your groove on. This might sound weird to those without kids but I know that my friends who have kids can appreciate a good old dance party. Pump some beats in the lounge room and bust a move! They will love it and you will all work up a sweat! It's a great way to get the kids off their screens to enjoy some fun family time.

4. Choose an outdoor game over a board game. Soccer, basketball or tennis... opt for a family activity that involves being outdoors rather than being cooped up in the house. April is a really pretty time of year so it's nice to be outdoors anyway! It's not always possible if the weather isn't great but make the most of these sunny Autumn days while they last.

5. Get the kids involved in your fitness routine. Put on an exercise DVD and get the whole fam doing the exercises with you or if your gym allows it, take the kids along and let them work out with you! Not only will they get worn out but it's a great way for you to set the example for them that exercise is an important part of your daily routine. Trust me, kids get way more excited about shuttle runs than you do😂

We don't always have time to hit the gym but we actually don't need to every day if we're moving in other ways. Make it your goal for the next week to do something every day for at least 20 minutes and get creative with your activities! You would be surprised how good you feel after a walk around the neighbourhood with a friend or the fam bam.

I say this a lot but I'll say it again... don't beat yourself up about indulging a bit at Easter time. Your nutrition may not be perfect at this time of year but your exercise can remain constant and even increase to balance it out! We can't out train a bad diet but it certainly helps.

Here's to a happy, healthy and balanced you this Easter,

Alyssa x

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