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New year, same me.

2019. What a year. I won't define it as 'good' or 'bad' because there are highs and lows throughout every year but I will say it's been a journey I'll never forget!

When it comes to the start of another year (and decade) I've decided that I'm not going to change who I am as a person or set goals I know I won't keep. Instead I plan to reflect on the year that's been and keep moving forward because through all the tough times in 2019, I have learned so much and those lessons have made me who I am today.

Although I could get better at eating more broccoli and buying less shoes, I want to focus on something more important in 2020 and that's myself. I have a good understanding of who I am but if there's one big lesson I'm taking with me into the new year, it's that there's always room for self improvement. I want to continue being me but there are things I can work on to make me a happier and better human being. Could I be a little kinder? Talk less and listen more? Reach out to friends and family more often?

January first doesn't have to be the start of a new chapter but New Year's Day is like the Queen Bee of Mondays so use it as a time to reflect so you can take with you the lessons learned in 2019 and leave behind the things holding you back. Learn from the past and look to the future by staying the same (awesome) you but just a little bit wiser than you were before.

Wishing you an abundance of health and happiness in the year to come,

Alyssa x

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