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Join us for our 10 week Winter Meltdown 5.0 Challenge and you'll have your training, nutrition and accountability sorted this Winter!!

Those on a 10/20 class pass holders who want to transfer to a Membership can do so via the PT Minder app. Any sessions remaining on your class pass will not expire. 

To sign up to PT Minder and purchase a Membership, please follow the below instructions. (Current members who want to purchase additional extras including body scans and the nutrition plan can do so via the app under 'Products')

1. Head to our 'book a class' page and click sign up in the top right hand corner (this is best done on a desktop computer)

2. Answer the health questions and create a login

3. Download the free app 'PT Minder' on iPhone or iPad* and log in

4. Purchase your membership in the 'store' tab under 'memberships' making sure to put the start date as Tuesday, June 14th.

5. Purchase any additional extras under 'Products'

6. Book into your first class via the dashboard.

*if you have an android, please use the 'book a class' page on our website to purchase this deal and book into your first class.


**Memberships are non refundable but are transferrable. 

See timetable.

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