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The truth about motivation.

We are constantly told about the importance of motivation but it isn't the only thing that should drive a healthy lifestyle. Yes it's bloody helpful but motivation is unreliable and if we use it as our only source of fuel, we will never achieve consistency.

Motivation ebbs and flows for everyone. Even elite athletes will have times when they just can't be bothered. Sometimes the gym is our best friend (who needs chocolate!) and then suddenly we're dragging ourselves off the couch to get anything done and it's a crappy feeling when we come down off that high.

Stress, a change of job or work hours, the weather or a break in routine due to a holiday or illness can all be reasons we lose our 'get up and go' but the important thing to know is that motivation isn't the only thing that can keep us going. It damn well makes it easier to stay on track and we should revel in it when it's around but the only way to stay consistent in anything is to focus on creating strong habits and accepting that our present version of "fit and healthy" may not be what it was six months or even six weeks ago and that's okay.

Life is forever changing; every year, every month, every moment might put you in a different circumstance so it's important to accept the now and not live in the past. Stick to the habits you've created over time and focus on what you can adapt to fit exercise and healthy eating into your current lifestyle, even if it's not what it used to be.

We don't always feel like brushing our teeth before bed but habits like this become non negotiable because we know that not doing it will lead to long term health problems. The same goes for exercise and healthy eating. If we can make it non negotiable, we won't need that intrinsic motivation to make healthy choices; it will become a habit whether we feel like it or not.

Like anything in life, we need the lows to appreciate the highs. It's okay to take a break and we need to go easy on ourselves sometimes. Your motivation will always come back and until then we have coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

Here's to a happy, healthy and motivated you; most of the time,

Alyssa x

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