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Change can be simple

Most people generally know what’s “healthy” or good for them but if that’s true, why are so many people sick from chronic preventable diseases? Why are they sedentary and carrying around extra body fat? Why are people not putting all those nutritious foods into their grocery baskets — or more importantly, their bodies?

If I was to take you to the supermarket and ask you to choose the 'healthy' foods, you would probably head straight towards the fruit and veg section and load up your basket but knowing the right things to eat just isn't enough. We like to think that we make decisions based on our logic and ability to weigh up the best option BUT research shows that most of our decisions are automated and based on brain patterns and shortcuts. We spend so much time on autopilot that all our decisions are about what is quick and convenient so that we can move on to the next decision we need to make that day. Now I could go into changing our thought patterns and working on 'being present' but instead I'm going to make it nice and simple. You can actually make change much easier by simply changing your environment. So here we go. Start with this list of 5 changes that you can make to your environment to help out your tired, decision-making self...

  1. If you know that you are too busy to shop and cook for the right foods then pay someone to do it for you. Healthy food delivery companies such as My Muscle Chef or Hello Fresh will prep and deliver your meals to you plus you can choose how many meals you need and they have tons of choices.

  2. Keep the naughty snacks out of the house. If it's 10pm and you are craving your usual late night snack then driving to the store is a lot less convenient then walking to the pantry. Not having the sweets close by means you are more likely to skip the snack and make some tea instead.

  3. Plan your meals. You have to shop for the week anyway so you may as well be prepared for each day. Don't just wing it because the stress of choosing what to have after a long, exhausting day can push you closer to the Macca's drive-through on the way home.

  4. Chop up veggies and fruit and have it in the fridge for snacks. Laziness can be a big factor in making bad snacking choices so preparation is key and how delicious is a fruit salad??? Plus it's a great option for the kids too!

  5. Don't shop hungry!!! Have you ever been to the supermarket hungry? Yeah, I'll leave it at that.

Always start small when making changes so the goals are achievable. Life throws a lot of temptations our way so the key to staying on track is PREPARATION!! Make the healthy option the convenient option and you'll feel better for it.

Here's to a happy and healthy you :-)

Alyssa x

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