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To Train or Not To Train

Most people look at me and think "Oh she's a personal trainer, she must be motivated all the time". To be honest, motivation for me comes in ebs and flows, just like it does for you and being surrounded by fitness all day means that sometimes I just want to lie on the couch with Grey's Anatomy and a glass of red.

Finding motivation to train in the middle of juggling work, kids, school activities and a spare 5 minutes to catch up with a friend over coffee can be really hard for anyone. I see it in myself and in my clients. We all have a tendency to prioritise everyone except ourselves.

Take a moment to think about your last workout. Maybe it was a class or a run with the dog? How did you feel afterwards? Did you have more energy? Were you in a better mood? How did you sleep that night? Every time I do a session, I savour that feeling so the next day when I drag myself out of bed for that 6am beach session, I get through it knowing it will make me a better person for the other 23 hours of the day.

You don't have to be a pro athlete and train like a mad man every day but you do have to take time out of your day to burn energy and get your heart rate up. It's good for your body and its good for your mind. Mix it up. Yoga, a group class, a beach run, a workout video. Try new classes and new things to keep it interesting. Get your kids involved and make fitness part of your family routine. A fitter, healthier and happier you is only one workout away.

Alyssa x

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